Error 132, Fix error 132 windows 7, Error-132

Error 132 World Of Warcraft appears due to different reasons such as you made changes to and your system and configurations of your system are not accurate. Follow the steps given in this article to fix error 132 World Of Warcraft.

Check RAM on your system

Error 132 in World of Warcraft can appear due to issues with random access memory. Download Windows Memory diagnostic and run the file to fix issues with your RAM.

Reset UI Configurations, Cache and WTF

In game folder, there are game cache, temporary files and user interface configurations. Error 132 in World Of Warcraft can be due to corruption in these files. You need to reset these file by applying instructions given below to solve the problem.

  • Right Click on WoW Shortcut | Select Properties
  • Click on Open File Location under Shortcut tab
  • Delete following folders:
  • Cache

Use Repair Tool

World of Warcarft provides you repair tool to fix the issues with the game. Open repair tool and follow onscreen instructions to fix error 132 on your system.

  • Click on Start | Run
  • Type c:\program files \World of Warcraft\repair.exe
  • Press Enter.

Repair Windows Registry

World of Warcraft related settings are stored in registry database of operating system. Error 132 in World of Warcraft can be due to improperly modified registry entries related to the game. Repair Windows registry by applying the steps given below.

  • Download and Install Registry Repair Software.
  • Start full system scan for registry errors.
  • Fix those errors
  • Close Registry Repair Tool

Update Device Drivers

Outdated device drivers can cause error 132 in your system. Download the latest version of device drivers to fix this error. You can get the details by running DirectX on your system. To run DirectX, follow the steps given below.

  • Click on Start | Run
  • Type “dxdiag” and press Enter
  • Click on Display tab and get the details from here.
  • Now download the latest drivers
  • Uninstall existing version of drivers and restart your system.

Manage Background Running Programs

Conflicting programs such as your Firewall and Antivirus can cause Error 132 on your system. Disable your firewall through control panel and Antivirus program through Microsoft Configuration Utility.

  • Close all active programs.
  • Click on Start | Run
  • Type “msconfig” and press Enter.
  • Disable your Antivirus.
  • Close Microsoft Configuration Utility.

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